Thursday, 22 September 2011


The front facade of the house... as it is now anyway.  

Our title is really the only description that is suitable for our house build at the moment.  The wonderful guys from Modernview Homes are working so hard to try to get us in as soon as possible.  Over the last 3 weeks we have had:
all of the roof finished (including the bottom floor)
The view from the park across the creek.
all bricks cleaned (and the blue steel flash bricks are looking fantastic)
eaves and guttering done for the first floor
scaffold down
timber posts on the balcony
cladding on and painted
eaves painted
 sliding doors hung inside
electrical fit out completed
whirlybirds installed for the roof
insulation installed for walls and ceiling including the additional for soundproofing
various internal carpentry
Looking from the stairs to the quiet zone and balcony
all waterproofing done to internal areas
pipes installed for the ducted vacuum (which will be purchased and installed later)
alarm rough in
video intercom rough in
ducted air conditioning roughed in 
gyprocking started
*magnificent site clean completed
The view from the last vacant block around us at the back of the house.

The view from our balcony to the rain garden
All of this in just THREE WEEKS.  We love Modernview Homes.  They are trying to get us in for Christmas.  Let’s hope so.  Dean (our site supervisor) continues to be fantastic.  He keeps us in the loop and constantly updates us on what is happening and what will be happening next.  Not only that, but we found Dean out there assisting in the site clean today helping get it ready for us. He is doing a magnificent job and going well beyond the call of duty.   Jason is, as always, very patient.  We have had some changes to our balcony recently.  We changed our mind with how we wanted the balcony.  Luckily, that part of the build hadn’t been ordered, so with a minimum of fuss, we were able to change that to a stainless steel handrail. 

The back view from the other neighbours.
The Blue Steel Flash bricks are looking amazing. 
Our bedroom
We’ve had a lot of help over the last couple of weeks and have met some wonderful tradesmen.  Especially Mike Jones from Ezyclip fencing .Todd and his team – Ray and his son -  the electricians who were very knowledgeable and gave some excellent advice.  They also helped us with our Foxtel and TV points.  Contact details will be provided.  Andrew Mortimer from AM.AV Integrated Installations, who specialises in home theatres and home antennas was also most helpful in relation to our antenna and tv audio setup throughout the house with excellent advice at the right price.  We will put up contact details and links for these tradespeople shortly.   The three gyprockers who started today were powering along.  We were so impressed by their dedication and hard work, Phil got them a couple of cold beers for the end of the day.  They were very appreciative. 
The roof getting gyprocked in our family room downstairs.

The fence on our north side will be going up tomorrow and we got 12 tonne of turf underlay delivered today.  We actually had the back yard scraped and levelled when we got the site excavated which made cleaning up the back, getting ready for the turf a hell of a lot easier.  We had the dirt delivered today because the fence goes up tomorrow and access will be significantly reduced.  Dean seemed to think that it would be ok to get the lawn down in a week or so, so that the grass has time to grow and take before we (and the dogs) move in.  This has made it much easier for us and Modernview Homes have been so flexible in allowing us to organise this. 

Front view from the side fence.  This is where the fence is going in tomorrow.
The last load of our sand/soil mix delivered today.
Can’t wait to see what the next week will bring (but we know it will be gyprock and before we know it – hopefully- we’ll be locked out)

Side view of the front of the house.
View from the quiet zone looking towards the stairs and bathroom
Our south neighbours have commenced their build and had their piers done and drainage.  We are expecting to see their slab poured any day.  Looking forward to meeting them again. 

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  1. Guys, your house is looking fantastic! What amazing progress. So great when everything goes so well!