Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lid's on!

Yes folks, that's right!  We have a roof.  We also have our top storey bricks washed.  We are so happy with the way that the colours have turned out.  Cladding has been delivered and Dean has informed us that it will be put up early this week (weather permitting of course).  It will then be painted shortly after that.

Even though it seems to be taking forever to us, it is easy to see each week the progress that has been made.

It appears as though we won't be in for Christmas due to the large amount of work to be done inside.  At least we know now and we are thinking around February.  It will be a tight Christmas.... we may just delay Christmas until the 25th March at our house.   We will just give the kids IOU's.  They will need new beds when we move in.  That will be their present :).  We may be giving ebay a hammering then.

Our next door neighbours on the south side have been pegged out and I'm sure that they are anxious to be started as well.  Our neighbours on the north side look like the house is ready for them to move into.  Our neighbours behind us are going well (hi Matt and Caz) and they are about a week or two behind us.  It's good to see Thigee and Ben moved in and we see them frequently when we go over to check out our house.

Now to the pictures and details.

The roof is Monier Horizon Flat tile in Kava with an A line ridge capping.

Front view

Photo taken of the north side.  You can see the cleaned bricks on the second storey.  This is C's room.

The southern side of the house, waiting for cladding.  D and T having fun.  Cladding to be painted in Shale Grey - the same colour as the garage.

This shot is from across the park.  I think that the lovely sandstone suits our house beautifully.  
This week (weather permitting) will see the cladding installed, maybe painted, the scaffolding lowered and the roof done for the lower floor (specifically the garage, front loungeroom, family room and alfresco.  Big week.  As always - hoping for sunshine for us all.  :)

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  1. Looks Fab! We went inside the sustainable clarendon house across the creek and thought that our houses lkooked most impressive from that angle! We were both at framing stage then so you could see ours through yours! haha. Love your bricks and yes that sanstone blocking definitely sets it watching it go up!