Friday, 23 September 2011

Ezy Clip Fencing

We had the first of our 3 fences installed today.  I was very impressed with the professionalism that Michael Jones and his two tradies - Troy and Dave displayed at all times.  I am very happy with the job that they have done.  We wanted to get this fence up due to our northern neighbour already moved in.

The steel posts are in a long way down and we also decided to have the 200mm sleepers under the fence.  It looks great.  Enjoy the photos.

See Links for Contact info for Ezy Clip Fencing..

Taken from the other side of the yard.
Looking down the side of the fence.


  1. Looks great and will be nice to move in and have the privacy straight away!

    Can I get their details? We have 2 fences still to go and need to start sourcing some quotes.


  2. Hi Karla

    Call Mike and say you saw the fence on my blog, your house is looking great we love the decked area...

    Ezy Clip Fencing
    Mike Jones
    Castle Hill
    Phone 0417 336 966

  3. Hi Bel and Philip,

    I'm in awed as to how good your house look!! Do you mind telling me how they are to deal with? We are obviously a bit hesitant in going for a lesser known builder but your house looks great! Would you recommend them - based on their finish, quality and customer service (pre sales & during construction & after sales).

    Thanks would so appreciate it if you could let me know! Thank you.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      I wouldn't hesitate at all if you were looking to go with Modernview Homes. They are a fantastic company who know what they are doing and build amazing homes. The office guys are fantastic with the customer service and their knowledge of what works best in homes as they are all experienced builders themselves. Nothing is too much trouble. They are happy to answer any questions at all. In fact, Phil rang them that many times that Jason knew his voice on the phone. One of the things that we really appreciated was that they didn't hide anything about costs. They told us up front the costs and also let us know about possible upgrades (although their standard inclusions would be considered an upgrade by other building companies). They also advised us on upgrades (what would be useful / add value and what wouldn't).

      Their finish and quality is second to none. Even our neighbour commented just the other day how amazing our brickwork is. They still use the same bricky as Phil was having a chat to him the other day (whilst working on one of their new houses in The Ponds).

      Their site supervisor is amazing. He is VERY detail orientated and had picked up most of the things that Phil pointed out to him. Dean builds houses as if he was building his own. He is fantastic and answers all questions, even the countless questions our youngest (who wants to be a builder himself) had for him. Nothing was too much trouble.

      They have also built our pool and once again the boys from Modernview Homes were outstanding in their price, service and finish.

      Honestly, if we were to build again, we wouldn't look at anyone other than Modernview Homes. They are a fantastic group of guys who made building our home a wonderful experience.

      If you would like to discuss it further, please feel free to contact Phil directly on 0419 297 996

  4. Hi Bel and Phil,

    I love the look of the Ezy Clip fence that you have put up. I am told by a fencing guy that their timber palings warp after a few months.

    You have already had your fence for more than three years now. I was wondering if this is a problem.

  5. Hi Eman,

    We haven't had any problem with our fence. We have left it 'natural' in that we haven't painted it at all. Both of our neighbours on either side did paint their fences and there hasn't been any issue with any fence warping.

    We have been very happy with our fence and haven't had any issues at all. Hope that this helps

  6. Hi
    Looking good .
    We are at fencing stage and was wondering what you paid per metre for it .