Saturday, 27 August 2011


We have just realised that we haven't yet updated our blog about our floors.  We decided to take the floors out and do them ourselves.

I did have my heart (Bel) set on solid timber floor and had even chosen to have red gum laid - BUT - there were some issues that we were having in relation to this issue, primarily how to protect the floor until handover, price and getting it sanded along with waiting the time after handover.  At the end of the day and weighing up the pros and cons we decided to go floating floorboards.

Then came the decisions... colour (my first love was Spotted Gum floors and we couldn't have them in solid timber due to the climate at The Ponds) and then do them ourselves or through the builder.

We shopped around and decided to go with Harvey Norman at St Martin's Village, Blacktown.  Tom was so helpful and did us a fantastic deal.  So now we are having Spotted Gum Boral Engineered timber floor and our carpets are Smartstrand IQ-150.  It felt amazing.  Our first preference for colour was Atlantic Fog although Tom has assured us that we do have some flexibility to change our mind prior to him having to actually order it.

The service that Tom Connolly (Manager) gave was fantastic and he bent over backwards to help us and answer our questions.  The deal that we ended up getting was the best around.  We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for carpets or timber floors for their home.

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  1. I think you will love your new engineered wood floor. Based on my experiences and knowledge I can tell that engineered flooring is stable, strong, easy to maintain and chances are you will not have problems with it. They are very durable too. The best of all is that these floors look like solid wood floors. Congratulations!