Tuesday, 7 June 2011

We are piered....... :)

Today we got piered.  We now have the piers deep in the ground under our soon to be slab and then house.  It was an emotional day...... excited on the one hand that real things are happening....... sad on the other hand that so much money was getting buried under ground............ SOOOOOO much money..... but - then ... on the other hand...... if the foundations aren't good.... then the house isn't good.  Our foundations have cost us over $8 000 more than was allocated in the tender.  This is because of the "H" class slab and the extra 65 lineal metres of piering... or 59 piers at an average of 2.4m each.  At least we know that we really do have buried treasure under our house :)

 Drilling the holes........ ready for the concrete to be poured...... you can see the additional dirt we now have to get rid of as well....... another 15 odd tonne..... yep.... more dollars...... buried treasure :)

Concrete being poured into the holes...... our piers are done!  

On another non related note..... our tile nightmare has continued.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to rechoose our tiles at DiLorenzo as requested by our builder.  Talk about a kid in a candy shop.  So many choices....... We have pretty much stuck to our final choices at the previous tile place, however couldn't match the floor tile within budget.  We have also changed our mind about the feature tile in the ensuite along with the niche tile in the powder room.  We are anxiously awaiting the quote from them to decide what we can do.  

Now we get to wait and see the formwork go up for the slab and hope that the slab can get poured mid next week - fingers crossed.  We don't want any rain.... although now the neighbours downpipe is hooked up... we won't have all their run off through our site any more.  

We also heard from a little birdie... that our other neighbours on the south side should be starting to build shortly.  

Such an exciting time.



  1. Wow, progress. I went there tonight but it was too dark to see anything. Also crossing my fingers hoping for a dry week for you guys next week. What are they building on your south side?

  2. Such an exciting development! Congrats!