Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sprint to the Finish

We are sprinting to the finish now.  We are all systems go.  We have had the cleaners through for the first clean and the bathrooms and kitchen look amazing.  We have had another brick cleaning company to finish off the outside of the house.  Our fly screens are on and look fabulous.  Our back to base alarm has been installed and is now active - which certainly gives us peace of mind.  Our big news is that the timber flooring started going down today.  It looks amazing.  I love it.  What's left? Timber flooring to be finished off tomorrow morning, carpets going down tomorrow, skirting boards to be put on, cleaner to come back through, driveway to be done (hope for good weather for us) and then obviously stove and hot water system along with air conditioner to be delivered and set up once Phil is staying there.  We are good to go.  We are moving in as a family on the weekend of the 10th December.  We are so thrilled.  We are madly packing and all can't wait to move in.  

There have been some minor hiccups, however Dean is onto them as soon as we bring them to his attention and he gets them rectified asap.  Unbelievably he is even fussier than Phil and picks up most of the things that we mention, before we tell him.  Modernview Homes don't necessarily have a PCI as such, just a handover date.  Handover is expected for Monday 5th December.   

Onto the photos.  Enjoy :)
Looking from the balcony (on a rainy day)

The door to our bedroom from the balcony.  On the left hand side, you can see the aluminium sliding door to the 'quiet lounge room'.

Our ensuite - cleaned and finished.  Looking fabulous too :)

Our shower for the ensuite and our separate toilet.

My dream linen cupboard.  Can't wait to fill this baby up :)

Our kitchen looking from the family room, with all the down lights on.  

Looking through our front door  from the front porch.

Another view of our kitchen and hall way.

Our powder room shower, the edge of the toilet and the edge of the vanity.

Another shot of our powder room.  We are so happy with it.  

Timber floors being laid.  They look fabulous.  This is looking from the front door to the back of the house.  

From the back of the house, looking forward to the front of the house.  

The timber floor in the kitchen in the space where our oven will go.  

Our family room before skirting boards. 

Main bathroom upstairs finished.

Alfresco with the fan and the grass in the foreground, growing like crazy.  Phil will have to mow it again this weekend.

Standing from our pantry door looking out over the kitchen bench and the dining room.  


  1. Looks amazing! Good luck with the move!! :) congrats!!!

  2. wow :) how exciting not long to go until you move!!!

  3. Looking good Phil and Bel,look forward to you guys moving into the neighbourhood.

  4. Love your wall to wall mirror in the ensuite :)

    Your pantry is droolicious!!! :)


  5. Hi Phil & Bel. Congratulations! Wow,Your new home is fabulous!! The brick colour is awesome and the whole colour combination is fantastic! I am a new member of Home renovation & Building Forum. I saw your posting on landscaping at the Ponds while I'm searching to find out if anyone does their own landscaping plan to be submitted to The Ponds for approval..:)