Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bricking going well...and watch out for that Fox...

Belinda and I are very happy with the brick work, we also love the look of the blue steel flash bricks. The north side of the house looks like an lap pool at the moment so lets hope the rain stays away. I received a text from Caza and Mat today saying that they saw a  Fox in one of our neighbours homes on the weekend.
Its all happening in our area..Mat and Caza's frame was finished today, which is great..

South side of the house next to the 69er's, Mat and Caza house is the one at the back..


  1. Wow, a fox. I've seen rabbits but not a fox yet.

  2. yes we saw the fox on Sunday coming out of the house on Copper and spring!!. I hope you are not planning chooks in your back yard!!. so excited to have frames done and a roof as well as the windows and doors in!! . Bring on the BRICKS!!!. Your bricking is flying along too! Thigee how is your driveway?

  3. Caz, they seem to have only just started that driveway, hope they get to finish it before it rains again.