Thursday, 14 April 2011

Plans approved by Council

Our plans have been approved by Council and collected by us yesterday.  We should be signing the building contract either late this week or early next and are crossing our fingers that we can start building by the end of May.

Our neighbours on one side have their concrete slab down, along with their neighbours on the other side.  There seems to be a lot of development in our section of The Ponds with the rain gardens having lots of work getting done.  This is in addition to the bridge happening for Riverbank Drive.

It's all so exciting.


  1. Congratulations! Another exciting milestone :)

  2. Hi Bel, must agree with you there is so much happening around us, lots of excavating and new slabs been done. Can't wait for Riverbank Drive to be finished. Seems like there'll be more land released alongside Riverbank Drive as well pretty soon. Fingers crossed for your build to start soon.